Know Future – Ep3: A Sense Of Wonder

Karl Kasarda of InRange TV and Matt Landfair of Primary & Secondary discuss aspects of the Internet and how it can still be a source of wonder and hate.

InRange TV:

Primary & Secondary:

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1 thought on “Know Future – Ep3: A Sense Of Wonder”

  1. Hey, great podcast/video. I was excited to hear Karl going in a philosophical direction in this video as you kind of touch and hint at your views in some of the InRange videos and I’m generally in agreement.

    It seems like a lot of the time that these trolls, or destroyers, are ultimately people that were failed or perhaps misled by society. So many (but certainly not limited to) are younger white men who were led to believe that if they got certain things right in life other things like a beautiful wife/house/family etc would just fall into place.

    While these people are, for the most part, responsible for their actions society at large tends to over focus on blame rather than, “OK, can we convince this person to act another way and, whether they change or not, how can we as a whole change so that we don’t continually recreate this behavior in other people?” People don’t like to ask that question though, at least partially due to the stigmatisation of ‘being wrong’. Questioning whether you are part of the problem creates inner turmoil and moral quandary that most aren’t willing to think about. To take from Chomsky, “People want to look into the mirror and tell themselves that they’re a good person. Nobody wants to tell themselves that they’re a bastard.” (or something like that)

    Of course societal issues are only one part of the problem. We also have a problem with this sort of hyper-individualism being fostered by neoliberal capitalist legislation (pushed by both parties for some time now) and corporations because it is incredibly profitable. Even products or ideas created to fix our societal issues are being individualized and sold as if people did/bought these things they can make a difference. (For example: Yuppie/Hipster veganism) Unfortunately, in reality, the impact is negligible and only serves to give the person a false sense of accomplishment or at worst some ridiculous moral superiority used to shame others.

    Sorry about the rambling and wall of text, this is a lot longer than I planned on it being but with something as complicated as this brevity is difficult. There are many more factors at play but those are some of the more glaring ones in my opinion.

    Also, when typing in the comment/name/email/website boxes the text appears to be invisible unless it is highlighted. Happens on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers.

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